I offer short courses to introduce participants to conflict management skills and mediation practice.

I lead courses in which learning is interactive and collaborative. I use a mix of theory, practical work, supportive feedback, reflection and discussion, to ensure a powerful learning experience. My courses will help you to:

  • Feel more confident managing difficult issues
  • Use positive communication to move people in conflict forward
  • Manage conflict between individuals and in teams
  • Rebuild professional working relationships
  • Tackle bullying and improve staff morale

I recognize that organizations have different needs and so can meet with you to structure courses to meet your particular requirements.

Here is an example of an in house one day course:

Course Title:

Introduction to Workplace Conflict Management Skills - How to manage Difficult Conversations

Course Outline

Objective:  To develop skills and build confidence for managing conflicts at work.

Aimed at: Managers seeking to develop skills for recognizing conflict and handling conversations at work to prevent the escalation or continuation of interpersonal conflict. Also generally for those wishing to develop their listening and communication skills


Part 1: An anatomy of conflict

Conflict: nature, causes, effects and responses

Part 2: Managing conflict in theory

  • Positive aspects of conflict
  • Approaches to conflict
  • Behaviours and skills for managing conflict

Part 3: Putting theory into practice

  • Role plays – working with those in conflict
  • Review of learning

Course evaluation and close