Biographical Notes

Work experience

Mediation: I began mediating in 2002 after training with Mediation Dorset.

My workplace mediation experience has to date all been within the public or voluntary sectors for example for Local Government, Health Services, Education, Fire Service, Police, Unions and for charities. My community mediation work has covered neighbour disputes of myriad types for example, noise, boundaries, aggressive behaviour, harassment orders and family relationship breakdowns.

I have attended further training in workplace mediation and in Transformative Mediation practice. I have also trained others to mediate on behalf of Mediation Dorset. I am a member of the Association of South West Mediators.

Facilitation: After a period of study in 2001 I undertook two short, practical courses in participatory facilitation methods and further studied a variety of facilitation methods. Since then I have facilitated small groups to carry out, for example: strategy planning; organizational development using an Appreciative Inquiry approach; community consultations about sustainable planning and recreation ground development; community development culminating in large group community planning events; and a deliberative forum for lay people to engage with senior NHS staff to consider options for changes to local healthcare provision.

Work and study history

My mediation and facilitation work was founded upon a working life experienced in a few small enterprises but mostly in a large corporation in sales, marketing, product management and regulation. Over this time I became progressively interested in organizational development and finished my corporate life in a department providing organizational consultancy advice to businesses in Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa. I left to follow a masters course in ‘Management Development and Social Responsibility’ at Bristol University. On this course I learned that I preferred forms of intervention, organizational or otherwise, that were facilitative and democratic and which recognize and attempt to work with power and emotion present in human interaction. This led me to work in community development as an organiser and facilitator. I also discovered a local mediation charity and mediation struck me as a potentially radical enactment of a prejudice for democratic interventions.

After learning about mediation and practicing as a workplace and community mediator I became fascinated to research commonplace claims of the neutrality of mediators. My own experience ran counter to this notion of mediator or facilitator neutrality. I completed a PhD study of workplace mediation in 2010. This work helped me to develop my own practice as a mediator and facilitator. My overall aim is to support people in listening to each other and exploring issues and their feelings about these issues, whether this be in the context of a conflict or in a forum for collective decision making.


  • PhD: A critical management study of workplace mediation, Bournemouth University, conferred 2011.
  • MSc in Management Development and Social Responsibility, Bristol University 2001.
  • MA Economics, London Guildhall University 1996.
  • BA History, North London University 1991.


  • Transformative mediation 2007.
  • Workplace mediation skills 2006.
  • Co-counselling 2003.
  • General mediation 2001.
  • Group facilitation methods 2001.
  • Training the trainer 2001.
  • Group relations workshop, University of the West of England 2000.
  • Strategy and Organisation, Ashridge Managment College 1996. 

Should anyone be interested in viewing my thesis it can be downloaded here.