Conceptualising the Mediator as 'Follower':  An Explorative Approach published June 2020 in the Journal "Mediation Theory and Practice" Vol 4 Issue 1. Go to:

Please see People Management/CIPD online magazine articles:

"How Can Managers Defuse Workplace Conflict" blog posted on 11/8/16. A more detailed article on this subject has been written by myself and Kate Brooks (employment lawyer) in the December Issue of The HRDirector Magazine.

"Which style of mediation should you commission?" blog posted on 22/7/16.

Other Articles

  • Observations on Face in Mediation  Article published 02/09/13: 

This short article considers how Erving Goffman's concept 'Face-Work' can inform mediation practice. Please access this article at the Language in Conflict website

  • A much fuller consideration of the significance that Goffman's concept of 'face' has for the practice of mediating is given in this article, "Some observations on how the concept of ‘Face’ may inform the role of the mediator". Download this article